Driving for most people is a part of everyday life. It is hard to imagine being without your driving licence and losing the freedom that comes with it.


For some people losing their licence could mean losing their job or making running their own business incredibly difficult. Other people depend on their car to cover family commitments.


We can offer a full range of services in relation to all Road Traffic Offences, so should you find yourself on the wrong side of the traffic police contact us by completing the questionnaire and you can be assured of expert and professional advice and assistance.


  • Have you received a Notice of Intended Prosecution?

  • Have you received a summons or the police have issued you with a charge?

  • We can help If you have a Court hearing and may lose your licence under the totting up provisions.

  • Have you received a Fixed Penalty or Graduated Fixed Penalty at the roadside

  • Have you been accused of driving carelessly or dangerously?

  • We are Drink driving defence solicitors.

Paul Ford is a specialist motoring lawyer with years of experience successfully defending drink driving cases, for advice from Paul regarding your motoring issue call our team now on  0330 330 5813 or complete our online enquiry form below and we will contact you directly.

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