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Updated: Nov 2

December is almost upon us to shop for our nearest and dearest. Whether it be buying for simple gifts or practical ideas.

However , be aware of buying e scooters for those you care about.

E scooters trials are currently taking place in a range of cities but roads are only allowed to use certified tools on pre determined routes. Thus it is important that these matters are checked pre purchase.

The e scooter is seen as alternative of many to clogging the roadways up and there is a campaign by some to allow their use on footpaths which may bring its own problems and dangers.

Additionally , if there is no insurance on the Personal Light Electric Vehicle (PLEV) then the rider runs the risk of receiving a fixed penalty of £300 and 6 points. This could have the impact upon young riders of having their licence revoked immediately if received within their first two years of driving.

It may well be that legislation is passed to allow the e scooters to be used on public highways countrywide but that would probably mean they would be subject to tax / insurance and require a service annually. Again if so this would bring in the relevant penalties for non compliance.

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