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Very few people like to consider their own mortality too deeply, however with complex tax laws in place in the UK it is foolhardy to fail to plan ahead.

At CLA our solicitors recognise that everyone approaches this subject differently and they will sensitively take you through each step of the process required to produce Wills and Testamentary Dispositions. When a Will has been drafted correctly it will ensure that your legacy can be distributed according to your specific wishes.


Another increasingly common fact of life is the need to prepare Living Wills. By executing a Power of Attorney clients can allow their agents to deal with their property according to their wishes. This practice ensures that complicated legal proceedings can often be avoided, especially in cases where the person involved is either physically or mentally vulnerable.

By making any relevant Probate applications on behalf of our client's estates we can address the areas covered in their wills as per their individual wishes. Equally, if no Will has been created we can provide a professional, discreet and sympathetic Estate Administration service.

For further information please call us on 0330 330 5813 and ask to speak to John Salmon.


In Your Will, You Can...

  • Appoint legal Guardians to care for your children.

  • Appoint Executor(s) to handle the terms of your will.

  • Name your "Beneficiaries"; or the people, organisations or charities you would like to benefit from your will.

  • Leave your Beneficiaries gifts of specified items or fixed amounts of money. 

  • Create a Trust to help preserve your wealth for specific purposes: for future generations, to protect against residential home care costs or to help vulnerable or disabled beneficiaries.

  • Make your funeral plans.

A Will is undoubtedly one of the most important documents you will ever sign, and to die without a valid Will in place has serious ramifications. The law can decide who has responsibility for children under 18 and who receives your money, property and all other belongings. 

Every Will is Different

Your circumstances, wishes and assets are unique to you. Your Will should reflect this. You need to consider questions such as:

  • Who will care for your children?

  • What will happen to your home?

  • Who will care for your pets?

  • Will Inheritance Tax (IHT) be payable on your estate?

Our Fees

Property Protection Trusts: From £400+vat + Disbursements  £3 - £75

Single Will: From £200+vat

Mirror Wills: From £300+vat

Home Visit: From £100+vat

Probate: 1-2% of Gross Estate

Hourly Rate: £100-200 Depending on Legal Experience.

Fixed fees can be agreed upon in certain circumstances.

Disbursements £161 Probate Court Fee and £50 for each additional copy.

Timescale wills within 4 weeks , probate within 12 – 18 months and ppt within 3 months dependant upon third party circumstances.


Making a Will Can Be Easy

With expert guidance from a specialist, making a will can be easy and stress-free. At CLA Solicitors, our advisors can discuss your wishes and provide guidance with each step of the way, helping you to make a will that’s right for you and your circumstances.


Contact us on Tel: 0330 330 5813 or Email for further assistance at

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